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Galaxian was produced by Namco in 1979 as a response to the success of Space Invaders, released by Taito a year prior, which had a large impact on the video game industry and helped establish video games as a highly-profitable business. Galaxian was a surprise hit for Namco, and sold around 40,000 arcade units in North America by 1982. Galaxian had RGB color graphics integrated into animations and enemy explosions, as well as scrolling backgrounds and short jingles. While not the first video game to introduce color, Galaxian was the first video game released with 100 percent of its graphics displayed in true RGB color. All color arcade games prior to Galaxian faked the color by applying colored strips to the screen of a black and white display.
Brand: My Arcade
If you liked playing Galaxian in the 80s you'll love this collectable. It plays just like the real thing and the attention to detail on the cabinet is amazing. Man your spacecraft and get ready for an intergalactic adventure. Hailed as one of the most popular games of its era, GALAXIAN™ has stood th..
Brand: Super Impulse
The Galaxian arcade game was developed by Namco in 1979 and was released in the US by Midway. The game was created to compete with Taito Corporation's popular Space Invaders game, also released in the US by Midway a year earlier. This officially licensed miniature replica of the original Galaxian ..
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